Initial Analysis of Honda’s Cog advert

11 Oct


I think that the main points that the Honda advert is trying to convey is that. They put a lot of care into the intricate design of a car so that it creates beauty in motion. They chose old school music because they want to signify they have been making cars a long time. The fact that they chose to  do so in the form of a Rube Goldberg machine could symbolize that they are trying to show you the level of detail, intricate design and care that goes into the creation of a their cars. The end result seamless motion, “that just works”.

Another message that they are trying to convey by the seamless motion and transferral of energy that takes place during the advert. Is that Honda cars are machines designed to create seamless movement from place to place. This is the most basic function for a car. The emphasis on longevity conveyed by the music and the statement “Isn’t it nice, when things just work.” Is trying to say our cars are reliable and will work for a long time because we have been designing them to do that for a long time. They chose to use a Rube Golberg machine to convey that because people have been making these kinds of strange complex machines in their very own homes for a while now. One of the reasons I think people do this is because it they want to show a sense of creativity, intelligence, style and artistic design to the world. So in a way it’s kind of like advertising themselves to the world. Still people can be really creative with the designs. This is very similar to some of the messages conveyed in the Honda advert.


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