Antoine Bardou-Jacquet

18 Oct

“Antoine Bardou-Jacquet signed to Partizan Midi Minuit in 2000. He had previously studied graphic design in Paris before setting up his own graphic design company, situated within the same offices as his close friends from Solid (an independent record company that is the centre of the French electronic music scene with such artists as Alex Gopher and Etienne de Crecy). Antoine designed album covers and logos and soon began exploring the idea of using type in a representational and more meaningful way than just as words. The album cover for Demon was created with this idea in mind and Antoine quickly built-up the process and idea of translating a static image with type rather than illustration to moving film.

“Thus the concept for the promo of The Child was born. A simple story set in New York in which a young couple rush across town to the Central Hospital in order to deliver their baby is made into an exciting race through this alphabetical jungle where buildings, bridges and roads are made up entirely of words. The information we are given in this promo is made even more intriguing by our personal imagination, we are given hints and direction but no “real” representation. The idea is exciting and incredibly innovative, as quoted in Shots “This is one of those rare but happy occasions when a totally original idea is expressed to near perfection, and the audience is left wondering why no one ever thought of it before”. The Child collected awards at festivals all over Europe.

Since The Child, Antoine has been in constant demand and has worked on projects for Air, Super Furry Animals, Renault, Vittel, Vodafone, Playgroup, Playstation 2 and EDF.”

“Antoine is famed for his string of award-winning commercials for Honda, Cog, Choir and Problem Playground, but this live action side has not stopped him directing wonderful animated spots: Suez, Orange, Peugeot to name but a few. More recently he crossed over into live action, directing the multi award-winning Honda ‘Cog’ and the follow up ‘Choir’ – both of which won numerous awards and garnered huge attention in the media. His most recent work includes Visa ‘Running Man’, Honda ‘Problem Playground’ and Shell ‘Circuit’.”[25]


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