Looking at the Advertising Industry

18 Oct

During my time in Grenada working for Concepts Advertising in Grenada and by researching into the advertising industry, I gained quite a few insights into how adverts are carefully constructed to try to convince people to buy products. Like for instance that. The clients of advertising firms usually have allot of power and influence over the advertising agencies they use because the amounts of money paid for each add are usually quite large. In relation to the Honda advert I can see elements of Japanese influence and culture.

For example the Japanese are one of the most technologically advanced countries on the planet, they’re capital Tokyo is the largest metropolitan city in the world. Yet they also have very high living standards there and the highest life expectancy of any country in the world. The Honda advert has no people to represent Japan but Honda is a Japanese company and the entire advert was made to look very modern and futuristic. Even though the parts used in the advert where handmade the advert reminds me of an automated car factory and the process that cars go through when their being made. Japanese people respect perfectionism that’s why it’s all done in one shot or why they picked Antoine Bardou-Jacquet to create it. Because seamless, flowing motion, constant motion, seem to be a re-occurring theme in his adverts (running man) and even his first music video (Alex Gopher’s the Child).

So the directors of Wieden+Kennedy probably saw his work and wanted him to create an advert of the same type just with a car. Nobody likes a badly made product, but a well made product that is reliable, will always find an appreciative audience. This can be said about both the car and the maker of the advert “There will always be an intermediary between a product and a potential customer. You may say, “On the internet, that isn’t the case”, but in that environment the web itself is the intermediary. Sellers naturally want to reach out to buyers. Second advertising is a catalyst for innovation. It stimulates competition, creates demand and encourages the development of new products. It is the accelerator at the heart of a liberal economy.” [27] That was a quote I found particularly relevant to understanding the mindset of people in the Advertising industry. Just to give you a little idea  futuristic Japan really is take a look at the video above which is a car show in Tokyo 2007. Then try to imagine what they have made for 2011.


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