What are the Intertextuality types within the Honda Cog?

15 Nov

What is intertextuality?

“Every text is from the outset under the jurisdiction of discourses which impose a universe on in” [21]

“A simplification of what intertextuality means is the types of connections within a text that it makes to other texts or ideas that exist within the history of media. By texts I mean “Remember that “text” in this sense means that any act of communication, It could be film, photo, news-paper, music, It s any message that has been recorded in some way. A message is made up of signs” that our brain links to past texts.” These are direct quotes from the lecture today by Peter Dukes as he explained the theory of intertextuality to us.

A good visual representation of intertextuality within this post  is all of the texts marked in blue that link this post to other websites containing texts related to this post. You can click on them to explore these connections yourself.

Another quote as an example “We are all Connected in the Great circle of Life“. This is a phrase I heard in a DJ Mix by Rusko which I then remixed with 3 other tracks that I remixed on Virtual DJ,  I then modified and added more tunes sounds and pieces of songs to to make into a playlists in Vegas Movie Studio and Soundbooth. I looked into the origins of the quote and it turns out its from The Lion King. As Mufasa explains the relationship between all living things on this earth to Simba. I think this is a great example of intertextuality because it shows how just one phrase has changed and been passed down through history to me. Changing form as it is molded by different artists. If you want to listen to the Phrase I quoted listen to the first few minutes of this: Click here– My Fly High Dubstep Mix

Intertextuality: (quotation)[23] It quotes Peter Fischli and David Weiss’s work called The Way Things Go. Though it doesn’t do so officially or may not even intentionally. They may have just been inspired by these two artists because they viewed their film while conceptualizing The Cog. I would like to see if I can get into contact with the makers of the Cog and ask them how they were influenced by other texts. There are two scenes where it quotes from The Way Thing Go. The scene of the tires going up the Ramp and the Scene with the spanner hitting a metal cylinder to make it roll down a ramp look almost exactly like the scenes from The Way Things Go. The copywriter said that he regretted this during an interview so he admitted that they used it.

Hypotextuality: (when another text or genre is  transformed or extended by this text)[23] within The Cog in relation to ‘The Way Things Go’. The fact that the advert is based on a Rube Golberg machine yet it is in an original design and is significantly different in the way its designed energy sources, settings and the meanings and hidden connotations behind it also give it its own meaning.

Paratextuality: (titles, footnotes, captions, narration) [23]because it is a Honda advert and caries that brand name. The slogan “isn’t it nice when things just work” is probably quoted from Honda’s special range of slogans or mission statement and is used to convey their feelings on the importance of reliability to the consumer.

Architextuality: (genre identification)[23] simply because it is a car advert and we can make associations between Cog and other car adverts from many other brands, Peugeot, Chevy, Mitsubishi etc. However it really doesn’t have many similarities to any other car adverts I have seen. So it’s quite unique within that genre.



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