Textual Analysis of Cog

28 Nov


Element of Text – Meanings:

Constant motion – The advert is a Rube Goldberg machine so it represents constant motion. At the same time they’re trying to make us link Rube Golberg machines to cars. Essentially a car is one big Rube Goldberg machine because were trying to achieve the simple task of motion. From the moment you turn the key in the ignition there are a so many things that are set into motion first inside of the car before you can drive it.

Transferal of energy – A car runs on heat energy mainly but it enhances this by using electricity to provide us with better control, air-conditioning, safety mechanisms. Enhancement of physical energy by electricity. This could represent that we enhance our movement with electricity. Energy is indestructible it just changes form. Inside of a car that is constantly happening as you drive. So the sequence could represent driving.

Meticulous design – The cleverness and ingenuity of the design was very important to the advert makers too they spent about 4 and a half months in studios trying to make a working, intelligent, beautiful design out of the parts of a car.

All done in two takes – This is so that the advert is seamless and the catchphrase is “isn’t it nice when things just work”. So they wanted the advert to be one perfect sequence.

Finely constructed car parts – These were handmade parts. But you would think that they were machine made because there are no humans in the advert. I think the reason for that is because of the myth that machines cant make mistakes.

Rolling motion of many of the movements – Rolling wheels represent driving in our minds so the advert starts with rolling cogs. It symbolizes driving this car will give you smooth efficient movement. With no wasted energy

Speakers – Showing that the car has a great sound-system.

The m usic – is lively and fun, its kind of like saying TA DA! Just before raising the curtain to announce the car

The only human thing about the advert is the voice at the end which introduces the car which rolls down the ramp. This is the introduction of the fully constructed car to the target audience and is trying to convey above all other things – Reliability, quality and that its r eady to drive.

It rolls down the ramp at the end just like the car saying – “I’m ready to go get in.”  – They’re trying to entice people into taking it for a test-drive to buy the car.

Isn’t it nice when things just work – They are conveying that Honda has been making cars for generations and that they make the most reliable cars in the World.

Background: Clean White walls and smooth wooden floor panelling – These are meant to be very plain so that we are not distracted from the motion and that we focus on the main theme of the ad. But it could represent cleanness and simplicity.

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