Wieden & Kennedy

28 Nov
The Dark Side of advertising by Jennings & Kalleres employees of Wieden+Kennedy[10]

Another big influence on Honda’s Cog is the advertising agency that helped create and develop the campaign behind the Cog which is called Wieden+Kennedy. Which is a rather unique and interesting agency in itself because it is one of the largest independently owned advertising agencies in the World. It produces high quality ads that sometimes have a rippling effect on changing the Worldwide conventions or perspectives on advertising. As a result of their work with Honda and Nike they have won some quite prestigious awards such as Global Agency of the Year. I had a look at their site, their blogs and their work. They are very different to most other advertising agencies. They’re not just about making money and cheap adverts like most other agencies which are similar to prostitutes in the fact that if you pay them enough they will do anything to make their customers happy. I haven’t seen any substandard ads in their repertoire of created work. However what I did see was that not only do they create interactive ads but they’re going 3D with their next adds for Honda called example there’s one called RGB. I would describe their agency as modern, interesting, creatively led, well-funded, respected and a trend setter instead of a follower in the field of advertising.

They value creativity and ideas much more than just making money. They have offices all around the world, including Amsterdam, London, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai and Delhi. Which If you think about it is a very strategic placement into the Worlds fastest growing markets for production of goods and services. I can see that they value intelligence, creativity, art, and people with ideas for the future. I think I should go for a job interview there someday. They also encourage people and help people to kick-start their ideas with their incubator program which operates from their offices around the World. This is an example of how the agency keeps itself updated. They seem to value their employees quite a lot because they want you to know who they are and who work for them and what they do. Most agencies don’t do this. Then again most agencies don’t get seven gold awards and one silver at the BTAA Craft Awards either. So they have a winning formula in the way they work.

I bet their think tank board meetings are a fascinating process to see. Generally speaking an advert takes formation around a table as some of the sharpest and creative minds of the company bounce ideas off each other on how they want to make their next project. The manager will first give everyone the brief detailing what the customer is asking us to do or what the project is. Then they ask everyone if they have any ideas to contribute and ideas begin to bounce around the room. Some are rejected as invalid some will stick and be written into the minutes. They then take the most promising ideas and turn them into motions or tasks which they then delegate to the operations department to research and work in collaboration with the creative director and the graphical designers.

I remember spending afternoons bouncing ideas off my friend Zackary who was the graphical designer and as I bounced an idea off him sometimes he would quickly put together a visualization of what he thought I was talking about with his own style. We would then discuss this for a while before moving on to the next part of the ad we are working on. Ads are not simple. Careful thought goes into every element. The text the colour, idea, runtime, placement and many other factors so we often work on small sections of the add sort of like a grid so that we can consider one piece carefully. Our manager and the creative directors would often drop into the office to check our progress and then offer some insight on how to improve it. He would also stay in contact with the client during the creative process and ask them their opinions on certain aspects. Usually by the end of the week or sooner we would have a prototype of the ad ready for viewing by the customer who have a chance to tell us their thoughts on how the ad looks, and to suggest any changes before printing and distribution process starts. This is an example of how adverts are made. The company I worked for was the leading advertising agency in Grenada but tiny in comparison to Wieden+Kennedy.

An advertising agency is only as good as the creative minds within the company. I think that’s why this company thrives today because it actively seeks out people who are creative, hires them, trains them, educates them, uses them, helps them to further their ideas, and to share them with the World. What better medium than through advertising. They even have their own ad school where they teach people to make the ads they create. Most companies would consider this trade a secret but they seem quite happy to share with the World because they are very intertexual with most of their work using older ideas or footage to create new media. So why not give back to the World more than we take out makes sense seeing as creating one ad often leads to a multitude of ideas that can be used to create new ads or projects.  This is a highly organized, efficient and one of the best examples of a modern advertising agency that I have seen in a while. I respect the way that they think and the way they want themselves to be seen by the World take a look for yourself at some of their work in the attached video.

The video is a theatrical depiction of how an advert is made within Wieden and Kennedy and is quite funny but will show you the basic process of how an ad is made.



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