Welcome to my Site

29 Nov

This site is dedicated to researching Honda’s “The Cog” advert and all of the elements that created it, affected it and its effects on society and the World.

It has the fruits of my research, including many videos meant to support my arguments and keep this site interesting and interactive.

I want people to enjoy their time on my website, so please enjoy the media available to you because it should always be viewed when reading the blog its attached to.

I also designed an interactive XMind – I-map

http://www.xmind.net/share/SkyePainter/the-cog-2/ [31]

[JPEG screenshot uploaded by Peter Dukes to confirm state at deadline]

Copy that link into your browser to view the interactive mindmap.This is to help people navigate my site and to show the connections between my many posts. Its simple to use simply click outline then one of the Topics and it will take you to the related blog post or video.

That being said browse away and enjoy your time on my site


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