Writing plan for critical review

29 Nov

My research has brought me thus far and has left me with a few bigger questions which I will choose to write my critical review about. These are: What was The Cogs effect on the UK advertising market. How did it affect its target audience? I think these two questions should be argued from the positive effects to the negative effects on the advertising industry and also the effects on the public. This should be interesting to investigate now that I have enough material to reference within my blog. I should also consider during my conclusion how successful it was overall. This will help me to understand how it was perceived by the public. I shall try to keep my arguments concise and to the point. I will have to limit my referencing to small quotes or simply a hyperlink to the article I’m talking about. It should be structured similarly to my posts: introduction, main body of text arguing for and against both points, supporting evidence and conclusion. It should be like an essay that will be interesting to read and reflect my views and findings about the Cog on these two questions.


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