This Page will contain my references and sources of information:

When you encounter a  number in brackets like this [88] it means its been referenced so open the bibliography page and find the matching number and it will tell you the sources, author, date that I quoted it and as much information about where the quote is from as I can.

[1]  I’m quoting from a previous blog post which quotes from :, Honda Cog Case Study, quoted Nov 22, 2010 Author Unknown.

[2] Same Source as [1] referenced 29/11/2010

:, Honda Cog Case Study, quoted Nov 22, 2010 Author Unknown.

[3] Referenced from:

[4] Referenced from:

Publisher: PR Newswire Europe Ltd.

Date retrieved:29/11/2010

[5] Quote used from the video:! , date retrieved 29/11/2010


Original 1963 commercial for the Mouse Trap Game

Referenced: 28/11/2010

[7] (

Quoted: 28/11/10 )

  • Page name: Mouse Trap (board game)
  • Author: Wikipedia contributors
  • Publisher: Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.
  • Date of last revision: 3 October 2010 20:39 UTC
  • Date retrieved: 29 November 2010 11:13 UTC
  • Permanent link:
  • [8] Author of quotes all from same source: Garrison Keillor


    [9] Picture from:

    Retrieved: 28/11/10

    [10] Source ( ) Referenced: 28/11/10


    [12](Quoted from:, Author: Ruud Kemper, retrieved: 27/11/2010) Including pictures.

    [13] Quoted from Honda’s main site Author unknown. retrieved 27th Nov, 2010

    [14] Quoted whole article within quotes from:—final, Author Unknown,  retrieved: 27/11/2010

    [15]  By Christopher Wynne, published: May 28th, 2004, retrieved 24/11/2010


    [16] referenced 22/11/2010

    [17], welcome statement, unknown author, quoted 22nd Nov 2010

    [18] (, Honda Cog Case Study, retrieved Nov 22, 2010)

    [19] (Wynne, Christopher; Interview with Matt Gooden and Ben Walker, Advertising Forum, 28 May 2004. Retrieved via Internet Archive 26 July 2009. Quoted 22/11/2010) located on [3]

    [20] referenced 22/11/2010

    [21] (Kristeva, cited in Chandler, 195) Peter Dukes lecture on intertextuality quoted: 15/11/2010

    [22] (Peter Dukes, 15/11/2010 lecture on intertextuality, references to [21] within the ideas represented. quoted: 15/11/2010

    [23] References:Peter Dukes Lecture on Intertextuality, 15/11/2010

    Chandler:204, drawing on Genette, 15/11/2010

    Quoted: 15/11/2010

    [24] direct quote of part of article. Publisher: Partizan, retrieved 18/10/2010.

    [25] Author unknown, retrieved 18/10/2010

    [26] referenced 18/10/2010

    [27] Jean Marie Dru, President and CEO of TBWA Worldwide, book: AdLand by James P. Othmer 18/10/2010

    [28] Page name: Rube Goldberg machine

  • Author: Wikipedia contributors
  • Publisher: Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.
  • Date of last revision: 23 November 2010 07:22 UTC
  • Retrieved: 11/10/2010
  • [29] The Honda Cog ad

    Referenced: 11/10/2010

    [30] Background for site designed by yours truly. Out of a picture that my mother took of the view from my home in Grenada looking out over the sea during a sunset. I had to clean it up a bit because there was a cobweb inside the camera lens. Then because I like things to flow and be seamless I copied the pic flipped it vertically and spliced it together again similar to how I made the background for my other site. The building on the right is  just the veranda of the house.  It’s a nice way of reminding myself of where I come from and where I will be for X-mas.

    [31] Picture inside the mind map is from:

    by ~clebus




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