Study Diary

Research process and blog structuring

From the start of the project I decided on taking a logical approach to the research. Ask myself a question about the advert and then go find the answer. I use a process I call multi tabbing. I translate my question into something my two computers can search for then open up as much of the links that look relevant or interesting. I then sift through the information and remove the irrelevant. Find out what I need to know and then write a short essay on based on my findings and observations. So the blog structure should also mimic this structure as well in a way or has some of these elements.

Most posts have a structure similar to this:

Title or question

Introduction – Usually a short paragraph or two explaining more about the question and what the post will be about.

Research findings – quoted from websites, books, music, videos, word of mouth, and the thoughts in my head.

Argument sometimes for and against the main topic of discussion,

Conclusion – A summary of my questions pros and cons and my opinion based on my findings.

Video – video material that I find to supporting my argument.

I realize I structure them like this because it is like writing an essay. Sometimes I may write almost all the text in one continuous flow sometimes I will have quoted chunks of relevant information. This is the second website I have ever created so I would like it to be interesting and fun for the reader. Hence I even made a custom video for my site and posted it on my other Sight of Sound Blog. I have added the videos not only as entertainment but as a visualization of what I am talking about.Often when I am surfing I look for visual representations of things that are interesting. So I hope you enjoy the media I have connected to my site.

Also the blue links are a product of an inbuilt tool of WordPress called “recommended links” It automatically searches for relevant material based on the words and names that I type which will lead you to other websites and sources of information.  Often after writing out a whole post I then click them on to see what kind of other info my post leads to.

I quit my job mainly because it was constantly at war with my university times and not flexible enough so I did not have many free days in a week if any. Which did not give me much chance to work on my blog. Now I am free I intend to put as much time and effort into CMP and my own creative ideas as I can and try to enjoy a different style of life.

I learnt about intertextuality during the lecture which was exceedingly interesting because it made me realize that I am an intertextual artist and led me to create an art-piece called Intertextual artist which I will one day show you. I also made a post about the intertextuality within Honda’s Cog.

If you were to read my blog from the bottom to the top you would see that my research pattern is very linear, straightforward and easy to understand. I ask myself a question and find the answers. Write an article on it, find supporting evidence and some relevant media. I’m not quite sure how to reorganize the posts or if I should because as it is my last post is at the top and my introduction or first analysis of the Cog is at the bottom. I will simply ask the person marking my work to keep this in mind.

I have spent the week on and off working on this blog. My research has answered all the questions I have and more. I think that I have covered all the elements of the ad that need covering. Even though I have only 13 posts. Then again my posts are mostly quite large. I could easily break them up into smaller posts to reach 20 but this would be pointless. If I don’t come up with something very soon I will move on to the last stage of this blog as in summarizing it and writing the critical essay because I have more than enough information to do so. Besides I am running low on time. So I will need to move on to making the I-map as well.

Well I think my blog looks near completion now the bibliography is done I have referenced everything I could find within my writing. Because of how I added my references as I went along in brackets under whatever texts I quoted this was very simple. I simply replaced the bracketed info with a number in brackets. I also did the bibliography almost exactly the same order that the quotes appear in the blog so you can simply open that page as a tab and when interested in the source check the number then check the bibliography page. This process was very helpful for correcting spelling and grammar mistakes as I looked at every single post and corrected as I went.

I wrote the critical review essay it’s a bit longer than I intended but its all relevant and I don’t like destroying my writing flow. Also I think we shouldn’t have a limit for that part of our blog when there is no limit for any other part of the blog. When the critical review is quite important. If you really think it’s too long that’s probably because I asked myself two questions instead of one. If its a big problem then consider the second part under the video as a second post about how the cog affected the advertising industry because it would have made a very good post and I don’t want to delete it. At any rate I shall now move onto the I-Map. Searching for that program that helps design them then I will run a few more checks and then ad a last post to welcome people to my site and explain what it’s about and I will be finished.

I’m not a literary genius but I do have my own writting style that I get into when writing articles. I like to keep it in small paragraghs because its easier to read and the writing should be interesting, formal yet informal, relevant, with room to explore wider issues. I’m not sure how people will view my writing style as this is the second website I have ever created. I am quite proud of it so far given that I did it with less time than most people because I was working almost every day I wasn’t at Uni until recently so didn’t have much time for blogging. I would ask that when you are finished marking it ” Can I have it back?”


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